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Are you thinking about applying for a T Level but don't know what to expect? Take this short course and see if it’s the right pathway for you!

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Why take this course?
You'll understand what a T Level is

A T Level takes 2 years and gives you a mix of learning in the classroom and a minimum 9 week placement with an employer. This means you’ll learn what a real career is like while you study.

You'll see what careers you can go into

There are many different T Level subjects available now. Currently, you can choose from subjects in the following areas: agriculture, environment and animal care, business and administration, construction, engineering and manufacturing, digital, creative and design, education and early years, health and science, legal, finance and accounting

You'll be more confident in your decision

These short courses are designed to give you the info you need to see if this pathway is right for you.

You'll hear from other T Level students

We’ve spoken to some T Level students about their experiences - so we wanted to share that with you too!

Course introduction

In this Skills for Life short course, powered by Springpod, you’re going to take a deep dive into the exciting world of T Levels. In Lesson 1, we'll dive headfirst into what a T Level actually is, uncovering why they are a valuable pathway for 16-19 year olds. Lesson 2 is where we'll explore what makes a T Level a great learning experience.

In Lesson 3, we'll discuss the benefits that come with choosing this path, from being a pathway to skilled employment and a great alternative to A levels. Then, in Lesson 4, we'll equip you with the insider tips and tricks you need to apply for a T Level. Lesson 5 will inspire you with real-life T Level stories to hear authentic experiences about what a T Level is really like.

Finally, in Lesson 6, you'll have a chance to hear about some of the employers who are eager to work with the next generation of skilled professionals. So sit back, and relax, because this T Level journey is about to help you take control of your future!

Course introduction
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